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WaterCop Single Probe Flood Sensor

Protect Your Home from Costly Water Damage with WaterCop Flood Sensor's Single Probe Technology

- Wireless Connectivity: The sensor is equipped with wireless connectivity, which means that it can send alerts to your smartphone or other devices if it detects any water leaks.
- Integration with WaterCop Valves: The sensor can be integrated with WaterCop valves, which can automatically shut off the water supply in the event of a leak, helping to minimize damage and prevent flooding.

The WaterCop Flood Sensor with Single Probe is an innovative device designed to detect water leaks and prevent water damage in your home. Its single probe design makes it easy to install and use, allowing you to quickly identify any potential water leaks and take action before any serious damage occurs. The device is equipped with a loud alarm that sounds when water is detected, giving you ample time to turn off your water supply and prevent any further damage. The WaterCop Flood Sensor is also compatible with a range of home automation systems, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup. With its reliable performance and ease of use, the WaterCop Flood Sensor with Single Probe is a must-have device for any homeowner looking to protect their property from water damage.